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Techco 3.0SC

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released last week


TECHCO announces the release of their flagship 3.0L Reverse-Revolution twin screw supercharger for the ’05-current Mustang 4.6L 3V. TECHCO engineered a 3.0L twin screw supercharger from scratch and designed the reverse rotor lobes to allow for a front inlet induction. The TECHCO supercharger kit for the Mustang utilizes the largest supercharger (3.0L) and intercooler system (118.4 in2) with the most horsepower (525hp) per lb of boost available on the market today.





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Techno introduced their new line (new company too) at SEMA last fall. I have to chuckle at how they make such a big deal of the "Reverse-Revolution asymmetric multi-lobe compressor screws" ...otherwise know as a conventional twin-screw rotor-set just turned upside down -- literally! Cool upflow design tho and a two-brick IC somewhat like the ZR1. It would be nice to know exactly what the actual thermal extraction spec is on the dual IC is.


I think their comments on the direct path have some merit in terms of the potential for less restriction (if done right) but no numbers are given (like inlet pressure drop @ flow). Techno is a new company founded by some expatriate Saleen engineers, I believe, so they likely know what they're doing but they could also be belly-up in a year or two with no parts availability. :shrug:


I find the benefits of a TVS rotor-set, either downflow from Roush or upflow from Edelbrock, more interesting and without the 'overhead' of a twin-screw's constant-compresion, but I'm a TVS bigot for sure -lol. At least Roush and Edelbrock are far more likely to be there down the road if any problems. ...just some thoughts.

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