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2008 Dash Finish

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As I was looking at some of the signed airbag covers for the 2008 SGT's, it appears that there are two different finishes on the dash.


One is a brushed stainless steel look whiles the other is a darker faux carbon fiber look.


Am I seeing things or is this true?


AFBLUE...you may want to added a new line to your 08SGT documentation...Which interior dash finish do you have...Brushed Stainless Steel or Faux Carbon Fiber.




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Maybe someone with Ford connections can ellaborate. However, I just bought a new cover and I have the "bright" aluminum finish with the "ribs" running parrallel through it. I was able to preview the screen at the Ford parts dealer and saw that the correct "name" for it was "Bright Aluminum Ribbed." I did notice there were about 4 other finishes as well.

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