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Happy Birthday TanaBanana!

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I just took Tana out to dinner at our local Mexican place. Our son David came with us and we had a great family dinner. Tomorrow we are having a family party at our house for my girl. I told her about the thread so she can check it out soon.


I took a a Pic of her and me in the big at at the Mexican place. :hysterical:






...and of course I'm treating her like a queen here at the house. :wub:



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Happy belated birthday Tanna looks like you had a nice day! :party2:
Hans, we had a great time. My son in law showed me how to hook up our TV to HD so we can get a great pic on our big 42 inch flat screen. I can't believe the pic that we now get. :happy feet:


Tana is enjoying it now.

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