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Oh, you wanted the short answer....


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Ever have one of those moments when you just can't contain yourself and all your Mustang (or useless) knowledge just bursts out of you?


Last night, while watching a recorded episode of Knight Rider, I pointed out to my wife the automatic shift handle--obviously that scene was shot in a non-GT 500 car. At the end of the show, she asked, "What's the difference between our car and KITT?" I immediately grabbed the remote, rewound the show to some good car shot points and started with the CS head rest covers and worked my way on down to the wheels, suspension, brakes, hood, and by the time I got to pointing out the brake cooling inlets and filling her in on the need/uses for them, she gave a big huff and said, "My kindergarteners just want to know if it's like KITT!"


Oh, you wanted the short answer.....well, to a Kindergartener, yes, it's like KITT. Yep, I got the coolest Kindergarten teacher in the whole state!


Have fun!

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LOL, I'll push for show and tell, tell them about it (in kindergartener's terms) and then show them a burn out...... btw our youth director and the kids at church are suggesting a "Burnout for Jesus" event....think that'll fly?

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