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ABS brakes?


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How do you know if you don't have ABS? I on the line of buying the CS6 package, but I can't figure out if my car has ABS.

I would contact BAER and ask them ("call us at 602-233-1411 for information on systems for NON-ABS, V6 models

"). They now make the Shelby GT+ brake package for both ABS Front Brakes Part# 4261111 and non-ABS Front Brakes Part# 4261161.


According to this page http://www.miracerros.com/mustang/terminology.htm


"TRACTION CONTROL is Ford's name for its electronic braking and engine control system that monitors rear wheel slippage and prevents loss of traction when accelerating. If a Mustang has traction control, it must also have 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS). Traction control consists of all the components of the ABS system, plus a powertrain control module (PCM) and a traction control ON/OFF switch. "


According the 2007 mustang manual page 162 (your year may be different), you should have an ABS warning lamp if your car is so equipped:


ABS warning lamp

The ABS lamp in the instrument

cluster momentarily illuminates

when the ignition is turned on. If

the light does not illuminate during

start up, remains on or flashes, the

ABS may be disabled and may need to be serviced.

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