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What realistic improvements can be made?


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I have a few ?????????'s

Its an auto 06 mustang gt.It has Airrade cai and a tune.Dyno'd 268/271 at Jim's

The car currently runs (with me driving) 13.33-13.48 with a best of 13.23.....60' times are around2.10-2.14. It traps 101-103


With Sherry driving it runs 13.45-13.70's best of 13.38 60' 2.15-2.25 at 102-104


Thats on its factory tires with 3.55's.....


Would just changing to my slicks, give it a better time?It spins alot on the 17" Pirellas


Would 4.10's give it much of an improvement over factory gears?


If I was to add a 150 shot with my 15" bogarts and slicks skinnies up front (weight savings app. 70 lbs.), what would a realistic improvement be?

Then say to that add 4.10's and a converter????? Aluminum d/s also


On a another note,would the stock con. and tranny and rearend take the 150 shot with slicks?


I would like to get your opinions on it.

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