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What are your most "Memorable" moments in 2008???

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Here are a few that I have to share....... :banvictory:




FEBRUARY 2008!!!


I was featured in the 5.0 Magazine as February's BOTM ........... :camera::roses:






MARCH 2008!!!


SexyStang :cheerleader: and Super Snake :snake: meet for the first time and I had the honors of Autographing both magazines I was featured in so he can place them in his new mailbox........ :mail:










MAY 2008!!!


I witnessed my Son Bryan's first Junior Prom........... :kiss:






JULY 2008!!!


I also had the honors to sit in a Dodge Challenger for the first time......... :hide:




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AUGUST 2008!!!


Secondo and I went to a Mustang Challenge Race at Lime Rock Park here in Connecticut........ :peelout: :burnout:








AUGUST 2008!!!


I was able to escape on a ONE day vacation with my girlfriends......... :dance:











OCTOBER 2008!!!


And last but not least Secondo bought his Dream Car :dreamy: with his Angel next to it........ :angel:





















The other missing months are not so good memories....... :(



But I'm hoping to make New and Exciting memories for 2009......... :yahoo: :happy feet:



Oh I did forget one more exciting memory that happened this year I hit 10,000 Profile Views...... :cheerleader:






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Riding to Brainerd with my dad to attend the brainerd NHRA nationals



and of course my CS69's on my SGT w/ big Brembo brakes



and my trip to vegas where i toured the Shelby plant, i didnt win anything though, just great acting!! :cry:





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:happy feet:



Ruf there is no key in that ignition.


Mine was getting a complicated building permit signed off and done on a 11 month long, all my patience, and too many resources project that came back from 2 years ago...making me very very happy in the end! :happy feet:

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CSBB85 - Jan

Oviedo - Feb

My Wedding - June

Maui - June

Time with Family - July

Wicked Nationals - August

Bought 2nd Shelby - Sept

Dearborn - Sept

Picture on the Wall of the Palm Too NYC - Oct

Cooked First Family Thanksgiving Dinner - Nov

Trip to Florida to see Family including 94 yr old Grandmother - Dec


.....it was a very good year!

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Hmmm :headscratch: I guess just owning my SGT for one year doesn't make the cut so..............


Finding & joining TS :happy feet:


Finally taking my new SGT out for the summer :shift: . Rememer I bought it in 12/07 and it was pretty much snowed in for several months afterwards :cry: .


Winning one of the TS Trivia contests


Participation in the MCA Grand Nationals


My lap around the track during the Mustang Challege Race at the Miller Motorsports Park in my SGT :banvictory:


Visiting SAI Museum, tour and Cafe' the week the remodel was completed


renewing my TS menership for 2009

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A succesful open heart surgery in April. Feel great!


My daughter graduated from high school.

Congrats on both the surgery and the graduation! My daughter graduates this May! :happy feet:


And welcome to Team Shelby! I'm Ruf - the Voice of Reason around here. :lurk:

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