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2010 Mustang Track Pack Option


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The current issue of AutoWeek has an article on the 2010 Mustang that talks about a TrackPack option coming in the summer of 2009.


From the article:


This $1495 option will get you 255/40 Pirellis with a summer tread pattern mounted on 19" wheels. Combine that with the antiroll bars, rear lower control arms and strut top mounts from the GT500 and better brake pads and you have a potent package for the road course.


They tested this package at Willow Springs on a 2010 Mustang GT and the lateral g's went from .90 to .93 and stopping distances were reduced by 10 feet. Ford says this package will increase your mph by 2 and will take 3 seconds off your lap times.


Interesting option.



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