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Apollo 8 Christmas blessing

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For those old enough to remember (and those not old enough to be there, remember this).


1968 was not a good year.


Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated.


Tet Offensive. My Lai.


There was alot of controversy to NASA for this reading.


One person sent a telegram that said "Thank you Apollo 8. You saved 1968."


Those of us that were around will never forget this photograph of the blue planet from space:




I have a whole collection of the space mission Time, Live and Look magazines of these missions in the basement.


P.S. WE're watching "A Christmas Story". You'll shoot your eye out.



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I remember 1968; I was a 13 year old and it was a scary year for a kid. I saw that (the Apollo 8), live, and it still chokes me up! I played it for my family last night.


The sad thing is, the US Gov't probably wouldn't allow those great words to be said today.

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