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A Christmas Card From Ruf

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I'd like to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas. And especially to those who are serving in our armed forces around the world.


This site has allowed many of us to become friends - in one way or another!


Some of us have gathered in MO - some in NC - some in WA - some in Dearborn - some in R.I. - and even more in Vegas. We gather to share our passion for Mustangs. And in the meantime, we've made lifelong friends along the way.


I hope I've helped some of you smile as you've helped me go though many difficult times.


We can't all get together this holiday season, but I wish we could. Can you imagine that? The Highway Patrol would need backup!


Team Shelby has become a very valuable part of my life.


Enjoy the Christmas season with your families!


Ruf :happy feet:

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