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No More eBay Updates


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Did you get it from Ebay? Very nice selection!!!


No. I used the data from ebay to demonstrate the market value to my local dealer. The dealer originally wanted a very high number, as their first sold earlier in the year (when KRs were scarce, the market was strong, and before the taxpayer bailout of crooks in Brooks Brothers suits...). Thankfully, the GM was open to negotiation, and we are both happy.


I must say, this car has a SIGNIFICANTLY different personality from the "standard" GT500--much more than the sum of the "parts" would suggest. I'm still in the break-in period, so am being careful all around. I must say that it really puts a smile on my (and my daughter's) face!

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Thats the most KR's I have seen on ebay at one time. I just counted 54 of them and thats just listed under mustang.


I think when they start to sell off and market is not quite so flooded we will see prices rise again.


So total production is 1571 cars for 08 & 09?

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WOW! Gorgeous comes to mind.... Black was my first choice but for my price did not have a choice....


More pics please! Where are you located?


The weather here is such that no chance from now until May or so before I get to drive mine. :banghead::banghead::banghead:



More pics to follow.


I'm in NC. Drove it to UNC Chapel Hill yesterday for a high school football game. On I95 I found the traffic just a tad too slow... The exhaust sounds great--quiet when cruising, then growling when passing. Got it up to XXX in a hurry, so made passing very easy--and fun!

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