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Another Supercharger Option

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OK, just when you thought there were enough supercharger options for the 4.6L 3V here's another one.


Went to the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show today and saw this new setup from Edlebrock. Very interesting and innovative design. SC is on the bottom and manifold on top. This is a complete kit manufactured in-house by Edlebrock and includes blower, manifold, throttle body, etc…


Gets 466 RWHP and 439 RWTQ on 5 PSI of boost!








Here's a link to some other pics from the PRI show… It's a HUGE convention, everything from Go Carts to Top Fuel dragsters:



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That looks exceptionally promising. And the only 5 psi with less stress on the engine sounds like something everyone could live with. It is a shame it is not offered by Shelby so you could not have a SGT/SC in the registry. It would also be nice if you could pick between other SC brands, or turbos and have installed at SAI and still be in the registry. Good find CUDA.


Now if only Edelbrock would license to SAI and place SHELBY on the Supercharger and then install at SAI mod shops! And would a strut tower brace still fit?

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That's a really nice design, imo...


Same product Edelbrock introduced at SEMA a couple months back. Based on the Eaton TVS rotors. Nice low-profile upflow design ...similar to the ZR1 in concept except uses a single IC brick.


The only thing I don't like about it is the silly faux cam-cover 'covers' -- fine on the ZR1 or Hemi or any other pushrod dinosaur envious of Ford's OHC designs ;) ...maybe the faux covers can just be left off? It would kill me to have those 'wings' stuck on there. That's just so unlike how Ford dresses engines. :nonono:


Nevertheless, functionally it's hard to go wrong with those amazingly efficient Eaton TVS rotors! And there's so much more than 5# left in the TVS design (if you dare). :happy feet:

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