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RC Components UPDATE!! PIAA driving lights/Bezel

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I had originally placed an order with Moss mustang on May 2nd for the Pair of PIAA driving lights, The Shelby brake cooler bezels, and the cooling hose and plate kit w/3.5" hose.


After reading the threads on this topic , i had called Moss mustang to check on the status of my order.

After looking up my order they had no further info for me and stated that these parts were discontinued from their sales list. :censored:


After doing a search on the net , i found a link to RC Components . RC apparently is the name of the guy who runs this business. I called and spoke with him about the bezels and the lights. He seemed to know the full story on them, and told me that the reason for the wait is that the Super Snakes get the priority.

Here is the list of priority in which these are allocated :

1. SAI Super snakes -built by SAI

2. Certified Shelby Mod shops - RC Components

3. Shelby Suppliers - every place that claims to sell Shelby items

4. General public


RC informed me that he was a Certified Shelby Mod Shop and that they also do various fabrication, and that he could fabricate the cooling hose and plate kit since there are still issues with this.

He Made a call after i was done talking to him and called me back saying he could get the lights and the bezels in 3 weeks.

I went ahead and ordered through him for the bezels and the PIAA lights.

I got the lights for $209.95 and the bezels for $149.95 a little cheaper than Moss Mustang by $10.00 and faster. :happy feet:


Do you want to talk to a knowledgable person?

Call RC at 1-(888) 684-2533


http://www.arizonashelbycobras.com/ click on the RC link


tell him Ryan sent ya

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