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C&L True Flow Inlet

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Has anyone installed one of these yet? Apparently, these do not line up well with our FRP shroud. It looks like I may have to modify mine. Has anyone else done one yet? I'm looking for thoughts and ideas.... The Steeda elbows match up perfectly. C&L seem to be slanted down and forward a little. I have some thoughts on what to do about it. I'd like to keep the FRP shroud.

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Alright, i'm going to post this so that if anyone is interested it will save them time and frustration..


First - The C&L True Flow Intake DOES NOT align with our FRPP shroud. Their intake slants down slightly and a little forward. Other than that all is good. To make it all happen do the following.


1. Remove the stock intake

2. Undo the bolt at the front of the shroud. It's the only bolt holding the entire thing on

3. Remove the air filter

4. Remove the MAF and ring that the filter attaches to. Make a note of which way is "TOP" as it's not the same all the way around.

5. Slide the silicon tube onto the MAF. This is MUCH easier after step 4. It's tight, REALLY tight. A couple of things you can try: Use a hair dryer and heat up the silicone sleeve. You can also rub a very, very small amount of soap (from a dry bar) or dish soap around the MAF to get it to slide on. Either way, it takes a little muscle.

6. Attach the C&L inlet to the sleeve you just attached to the MAF

7. Attach the silicone sleeve to the other end of the inlet.

8. Attach the inlet to the throttle bottle.

9. Tighten up the hose clamps on the throttle body/inlet/MAF. I recommend using a socket to do this and not just the screwdriver.

10. On the bottom of the shroud there are two rubber grommets. Take them and flip them upside down (trust me).

11. Now re-attach the ring that the filter attaches to through the shroud back onto the MAF

Now it's time for a little tweaking. You can pretty much manipulate the shroud to settle in nicely. The key is to get the two posts on the bottom of the shroud to sit back down in the grommets. Had you not flipped them over the metal posts would rub up against the inner fender well. With them flipped it will sit nicely.

12. Re-attach the filter once you're goood everything looks right.

Lastly, that bolt you undid, put it back in the spot it came from. Unfortunately, it will not feed through the shroud as it did previously. It's ok. As you can tell the fit from the inlet/sleeves/MAF and the two posts cause the entire setup to be just as tight. If you REALLY wanted to you could get some metal strapping (a small piece) and attach it to the hole in the shroud with a bolt and then the other end back to the previous bracket.


I'll post some pics later. The other workaround is to purchase the shroud C&L sells to go with their entire CAI kit. However, when SAI puts in our FRPP shroud they obviously chuck a vital piece from the stock air box which would allow you to attach C&L's shroud. If you go that route you'll have to visit Ford parts and get a replacement or call SAI i'm betting they have a boatload of them laying around! :)

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