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40th Exhaust Finally Done

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After what seems like an eternity, I finally got my complete JBA exhaust finished. The Long Tube Headers, Free Flow Cats, 3" pipes, and temporary JBA mufflers were installed by Quantum several months ago. The Signature Shelby/JBA Mufflers were on back order and came in this week. Thanks Glenn and gang at Quantum for getting me on the road and the great follow-up. These guys really are great, don't hesitate to use them.


The temps were 2.5 exhaust tips and the final deal is 3 inch. It has the same muffler. It makes a slightly lower sound with the same degree of loudness. (more better) HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas






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Hey Cobrafan!


Car looks great as always! You should teach detailing class to all us "young grasshoppers". You are the Master.


Did the headers make much difference. You know my car, worth putting on for track time?



Thanks. I am at 687 RWHP with the headers and a tune. Many have said that there is not a payback on increased performance with headers, but they sure make it sound grrrrreeeaaaaatttt, as Tony the Tiger once said.

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Hey Don,


Are you bringing your 40th to the Shelby Bash in January? I gotta see and hear your setup.




Yup. Leaving Texas on Monday. Spending Tuesday night at Laughlin then up to Vegas on Wednesday to drop off the trailer and truck. On to LA for the pre event party and then join the group driving on the run to Vegas Thursday. Going to be fun.

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Thanks. I saw and heard this system at Mid America on a SuperSnake and decided, this was for me. I believe that these were the original mufflers that were suppose to be manifold back on the original SuperSnake. The LT's are a bonus.

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