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GT 500 vs Z06 vs Viper


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What are the GT 500 production #'s vs the Z06 and Viper? As has been discussed several times here recently, it's hard to fix a # on our car production. It's also difficult (for me) to tell a Z06 from any other Vette. Of course, the Viper is very distinctive. Seeing one of these cars (ours included) on the street is a rare occasion for most of us. I was just wondering how our production measures up to theirs.......fewer, a little more, a lot more? Anybody know what % of Vettes are Z06--Mustangs are GT 500s?


As a side note, one of our local plants manufactures the all aluminum frame for the Z06. In these horrible economic times, their line continues without much slow down. However, the Vette plant, just over an hour from here is experiencing some lay offs......

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