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2008 GT500 Take off parts less than 100 Miles


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Hi All,



I have some take off GT 500 parts all less than 100 miles perfect for purists or someone putting their car back to stock, or for spars?? PM me if interested in all or some of the parts.


I don't know how to make a link to ebay, so here are the auction #'s


GT500 cast iron exhaust manifolds $99.99 Buy It Now (BIN) auction # 270313685609


Mufflers $99.99 for the pair BIN 280292138471


X-pipe with cats $399.99 BIN 280292138475


Upper and lower rear control arms $139.99 BIN 280292144367


Once you click on one of the auctions you can see my other 170 or so auctions for other Mustang parts...Happy Holidays

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I know that no one is going to pay that for mufflers, unless they are something other than the stockers. Good luck on selling the x pipe. Good luck with the sale all together.


I just figured someone would want some new take offs with less than 80 miles on them. I had over 30 take off set-ups from 93-04 Cobras sitting upstairs in my shop with low mileage and finally got them down a year ago and sold every one of them. Guess these will go upstairs for a couple years...

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