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Howling noise on take off?


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I actually have had this since I got the car and just always thought it was the tires but anyway, when I leave from a stop, I get a howling noise from the rear end that disappears once the car is completely in motion and I am on my way in first.


What is this noise, normal?


I know many get a noise when takig tight turns but this is in a straight line so just curious if this is part of the problem with the TSB.


My rear end was taken apart last year for the install of my Saleen Watts and it just may not have started making the noise until then but I am not 100% sure.


Car believe it or not does not shudder too bad off take off, still at times wants to stall but nothng too bad.



Thanks for the help

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Grabber- which TSB relates to adding friction modifier to the rear end for the noise I am getting? Am i incorrect, havent some had to have the clutch packs or diff or something replaced under warranty because adding the modifier did not do it.


I am refering to those with the noise I described at slow speeds, and mostly while turning.


Thx Grab

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