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Could this be Real?


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Nevermind, I think I found it:



A widely circulated story about the theft of KITT - the jazzed up Mustang GT500KR at the heart of the new TV series Knight Rider - has proven to be a good publicity stunt.


A handful of Toronto blogs reported on Friday the black KITT car was stolen from Union Station during a promotional event when a man ran out of the crowd, jumped into the idling car and peeled off.


The story was backed by a YouTube video of the Mustang apparently being ripped off from a guarded area in downtown Toronto.


While some of the blogs speculated it may have been a stunt, other web sites enjoyed significant traffic with the "theft" story, and discussion groups had a field day with the possibility the crime-fighting car had been jacked.


One blog went so far as to "confirm" the theft, saying "a Canwest employee confirmed the auto theft in an email."


Wednesday, the network producing the show revealed the car had been "KITTnapped" as part of a "unique viewer engagement promotion" in which one fan will win a new Ford Mustang.


E! said in a statement: "Friday, the final day of KITT's celebrity tour, crowds of Knight Rider enthusiasts were left stunned when a man ran out of the crowd, dove into KITT and screeched off. Intense speculation spread across news outlets and viral communities promoted by links to YouTube with audience cell phone footage of the "KITTnapping" action. Now E! is looking for help to find KITT."


Participants have a chance to win a brand new Mustang GT Coupe or a number of limited edition Mio Knight Rider GPS units simply by identifying where KITT's been spotted.

The premiere episode of Knight Rider will air Wednesday, September 24th at 8 p.m. For more information, go to eonline.com.

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