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Grabber Orange CS6 or CS8


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There is a Grabber Orange CS in this month's Mustang times mag on page 48. The show was in Tampa FL, Does anyone know who's CS this is? Man, that's a BADA$$ looking ride.

the grabber orange cs6 car belongs to tampa bay shelby the car was in the aug 2007 isue of 5.0 it is

a very cool looking car quote name h stang they did a red vert as well.

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Does anyone have pictures of the CS6/CS8 in Grabber Orange? I'd really like to see a photo of that car.


Any thoughts on a Screamin' Yellow CS8 Turn2?? Would that look wierd or would that color combo look sinister with the silver stripes??


I know that if I want a full Turn2 kit with the Paxton - I'm going to have to locate a 2005 or 2006 car. I just think Yellow or Grabber Orange would be a nice offset to the Vista Blue Shelby GT I already have.



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