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Montreal GO Shelby Conv


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is'nt he (MD03SVT) on this board under a different name?


if so...

please let us know your launch RPM and if that is factory rubber?





BoneDoc Are you going to run your car at a strip? IT looks like he is runnig a slick with some rear suspension change as he has no wheel hop & probably a pulley change w/ tune.

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Here are the mods. of the 11 sec. vert:


07 Shelby vert,Shorty antenna,Litebar,Quicklift,Linelock,FM axelback,4.10`s, Weld XP`s w/Hoosier 28x10x16 slicks,raptor shiftlite,SCT Xcal 2,4202lbs,94 oct pump-gas.Off-Road X & aluminum DS 11.25 @ 126mph



NO PULLEY, car does have a tune, axle back exhaust, off-road X-pipe, lighter rear wheels with slicks, aluminum driveshaft, and 4.10 gears. Just wait until he gets a CAI with another tune.


This guy can drive and knows the right combo's to go down the track.


The GT500 doesn't need a rear suspension change nor a pulley to go 11's in the 1/4.


And this is proof that weight isn't a factor when you have hp&tq. Infact the shelby weight transfer is excellent with slicks.


Like I stated before, a stock GT500 with slicks will go 11's in the 1/4. And anyone wanting to drag race their Shelby will need to change out the two pcs. stock driveshaft which is a weak link on the car to a 1 pcs. driveshaft.


Everyone has seen 12.20's with a stock GT500 on stock tire MM's mag. and Dasalvo in Canada went 12.40's with a stock GT500 as well with alot of wheel hop.


The GT500 is just an amazing car that has so much left in it and you don't need alot of mods. to go quick. Just make the car breath better with say longtube headers, a better X-pipe, axle back exhaust, CAI and a tune will have to go with a CAI of course, change out the 3.31 gears for a set of 4.10's and the car will be a monster. with all mentioned mods. making close to a 85-95 rwhp gain or more.

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The GT500 is just an amazing car that has so much left in it and you don't need alot of mods. to go quick.



The most important part is skill as a driver. And the key to that is practice in a safe environment. The consistant denominator in all the passes with good numbers is to know when you are in trouble(like Kaylan posted, sometimes its not going to happen, so save yourself and the car), and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


And LSR, Saleen confirmed some things you have been saying for quite a while HERE Comments?

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