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After market axles

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Anybody using after market axles that work with Razor wheels. I bought Mosers axles along with an Eaton Tru Trac differential and ran into a problem with center pilot hub on the Mosers axles were to shallow, therefore could not center Razors wheels hub on axles.

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I was hoping someone else tried them first before I buy them.


Hey Louie,


I was hoping you would find something that works before I changed mine out. I'm thinking hardened Moser or Strange 31 spline C-Clip axels with hardend studs. I had been talked out of it over the summer but after seeing the pictures of your broken axel I'm reconsidering. This is one of the side effects of lots of torque and sticky tires. I saw a Camaro twist his axel and wheel clean off leaving the line a few months ago and went right into the wall.


I'm running with 18" American Racing wheels on the street and 17" at the track. Not sure why the regular Moser axels designed for '05-'08 Mustangs would not work with the 20" Razors.

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