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Hot Rod Magazine Article On The GT500KR


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There is a two page article on the GT500KR in the September 2008 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Several coloe pics including the pne where three KR's are doing a burnout next to each other on the track. One pic also shows a prototype Shelby KR Dash Plaque.


Also in this issue is a lengthy letter to the editor from Holman Moody Inc about Carroll. Basically a sour grapes reply to a previous Hot Rod article on Shelby.


Seems that the H-M people have had this sour grapes attitude for quite awhile as Amy, Roger and I were looking at a letter written to Shelby from H-M in the 1960's just the other day and that reading between the lines you could tell H-M were not happy being overshadowed by Carroll's accomplishments.


Anyway just giving you collectors a heads up on another recent magazine with Shelby articles.



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