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Petition letter: Dear Mr. Alan Mulally C.E.O. of Ford Motor Company


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This is the suggetsted version which can be sent by mail or fax



December 4, 2008



Ford Motor Company

One American Road

Dearborn, MI 48126

Attention: Alan Mulally


Subject: 2007-2009 GT500 Transmissions



Dear Mr. Mulally,


Please let me introduce myself, my name is ...............(name: first last) from .........(city),...........(state). The reason I am writing you today is to express a concern that 10’s of 1,000’s of us GT500 owners have about our failing Tremec TR-6060 transmissions.


We know & understand that Ford, SVT & Roush Engineers have been working hard together over the past year trying to come up with a permanent fix for our allaying transmissions that continue to exhibit the following clutch/transmission symptoms: Hard to disengage or engage 1st and reverse, Hard to shift into any gear, Gears grinding during shifts any gear, Vehicle creeps with transmission in gear and clutch pedal fully depressed without brake pedal application, Clutch slippage in gear with clutch pedal released, Hissing noise with clutch pedal fully depressed.


Many of these symptoms are due to flywheel distortion caused by excessive heat build-up during normal & unique traffic conditions (example: stop/go driving). The distortion of the flywheel may prevent complete disengagement of the clutch which raises a safety concern for all of us who drive our GT500’s each day. The current Ford Technical Service Bulletin (TSB#08-16-4) has been installed on many of these failing transmissions, some with success & many others come out even worse then they were when they were in for repair (example: transmission locking up on the way home just after the dealer performed the TSB or excessive gear shifter vibration in a certain gears after the repair).


Mr. Mulally, many owners are very, very concerned about this transmission problem causing an accident from locking up or leaving them stranded in a parking lot or road even after a TSB repair has been performed. I know many owners that have taken their cars into dealers to have the TSB work done only to be told by the Service department that they will not perform the work until it breaks. To me & many other GT500 owners this is unacceptable customer service for a car that still has a 5yr/60k mile warranty & has to wait until something breaks before being repaired & possibly causing more internal damage, which then drives up the cost on the warranty claim.


One other area I would like to point out that might be contributing to the failures is the 3:31 to 1 rear gear ratio & the 2.97 1st gear transmission ratio making it harder to take off from a dead stop causing additional heat build up to the new clutch & flywheel causing the same distortion problem as seen on the 1st generation flywheels?


In closing we ask for you to look deeper into this transmission issue by making sure each & everyone of your Ford service technicians is highly qualified & properly trained to do this repair with the required tools needed to do the job successfully the first time or consider extending our drive train warrantees for a few more years & miles to make sure it has been properly fixed to withstand the spirited & performance driving this car was intended for.






I added the pdf of the letter for easier download and fax or send by mailletter.pdf


This is the <1000 characters that could be e mailed from ford web site.


Dear Mr. Allan Mulally C.E.O. of FoMoCo.

From the heart of a GT500 owner to your heart.

I totally support your efforts on the Hill to get the company through the rough times and confident you have the vision and the will to do it.

I have legitimate concerns about our flywheel/transmission TSB issued by FORD.

It is applied when the symptoms occur and that is late stage and does not consider prevention for the owners that have no symptoms yet but bound to have it secondary to the flaw in the drive train that was the reason for the TSB.

It does not address the owners who have no knowledge yet of the flaw since this car is driven by most owners rarely.

I have concerns about the difference in the qualifications of the techs applying the TSB in dealerships and the complexity of rebuilding the trans which resulted in different outcomes throughout the country. I hope to be given the option to have a new trans stamped as the original besides rebuilding the current one.

Thanks and god bless.




Please feel free to choose what suites you


Thanks coldy.


I removed the names since they are already in the individual posts in the thread itself....The thread is still open though.

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