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Nitto 555R 20inch Drag radial

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Just was looking around and i found these, has anybody put these in there SS. I have not yet drove the car so i dont know how much they will help. If you have them on your car let me know how you like them. Thanks






I'm running the 20x9 Alcoa with 275/35/20 in the front and 20x10 Alcoa with 305/35/20 in the rear. The rears will rub. Not a SS



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Just wondering how bad do they rub, is it bad. Are you just going to switch tires, or are you going to try to fix it. Thanks for you help


They rub quite abit and I'm looking for a set of 18" wheels that will fit the Shelby 6P brakes. If I can't find any then I may wait for the 20x11 Alcoas.

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