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Delaware Ford Dealers - TSB


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Don't know what part of Delaware you guys are from, but I live just over the line in PA off of route 41. My GT500 is Vista Blue Whit white stripes. My buddy is in the Hockessin area and has a White with blue stripe GT500.


We both bought them from the now defunct Winner Ford. I would like to find a competent dealer in the area who can work on the car....especially if/when I need the TSB on the clutch done. The Ford dealership who bought out Winner (I'm not mentioning any names, but if you guys are from the area, you know who they are) doesn't seem too interested in helping me out. They talked a good game, but didn't stand behind any of the promises that were made.


Right now Winner Lincoln, Mercury, Porsche (yes, a strange combination) has stepped up to offer to work on my car. They say their mechanics are authorized to wrench on $100.000 plus German Uberautos, so they should be able to handle my Ford. I haven't had any reason to take the car to them yet, so maybe they will do a good job....I guess I'll see.


The Winner Ford dealer in Dover was also recommended. Its a bit of a drive for me, but the owner is a Shelby enthusiast and I have been told he really cars about the cars and makes sure they are taken care of correctly.


Let me know who will be working on your cars.



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