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I'm Thankful For....


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...God, life, family, home, food, shelter, country and ...oh yeah....my Shelby GT!!!! (that probably covers it) - Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I am thankful that my Wife warmed up to me owning two Mustangs.......she finally started driving

the Mustang GT even though it is stick shift.........


Also thankful that everyone in our family is healthy and getting togeather to celebrate

Thanksgiving............... :happy feet:


And also thankful that every day it doesn't Snow is a Good Day????????? :hysterical:


And it is always a great Thanksgiving Day Bonus when the "Cowboys Loose".............. :salute:


Happy Thanksgiving to all Shelby/Mustang Lovers and those that are not but should be............ :dance:

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The Shelby I bought this year! :happy feet:



I'm happy for the Shelby I bought this year as well


I'm also thankful that my girlfriend will be spending the next 10 days

with me here in Okinawa :happy feet: :happy feet:




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My Son and Daughter, my Family, my Best Friend, all my other friends, my Shelby GT, my Bowie knife, my movado watch, my computer, my little workshop down in the cellar, my backyard on a small lake, my lionel trains. my cameras....my online friends


think that covers it pretty much...........


Happy Thanksgiving ta everyone here...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Its good to think about once in awhile, just how blessed we are.

Not to sound like a snob but it doesn't get much better then being born healthy in the greatest country in the world.

My family and I have our health and have largely all the things that we want or need including luxuries like the Shelby GT. Blessed indeed... :)

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