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Free on line Ford Service Manual


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One of our members Graham GT500 UK gave me a free linky to a FORD on line service manual. The info is The same stuff that the Ford Tech's use. It's right from the WSM (Work Service Manuals).


Thanks Graham for the linky. :)



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It's got all the Mustangs in it.


It's the whole shootin match.


We need to thank our Brit member Graham GT500 UK for this. He PM'd me and was unsure how to post it and asked me to put it up last week and I just now had time to do it.

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And I don't even have to set my computer's clock back to 2006. :stats:


Just so you know, If your a Tech at a dealership and you click on the online manuals...most all of the info in there is from 2006 since that's the year the car was developed. The clutch and flywheel bolt torque specs have changed...but not much else.

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I get a blank screen where the manual is supposed to be....I must be missing some viewing software....



The gray screen is normal. All you need is a pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just click on the links on the left for what you want to see and eventually it will be a pdf file which will show up in the gray area.

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