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Report from 2010 Mustang Unveiling


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Just got back from 2010 stang rollout. Got to say it's a looker. Lots of GT500 items have found there way to the 2010 Gt and V6. GT500 pedals now standard. That cool Trunk lid mat on the KR? Now on the 2010. In fact the V6 front facia is very much like a refined 05-09 GT500, and the V6 wheels look very much like the KR wheels. Gt exhaust also looks like the 500. The leather seats are now the 500 seats and there is an upgrade above that.


The new interior is fantastic - world class. All the features you have missed in the 500 are there - including a key which incorporates the fob buttons. Interior trunk release, a nav screen bigger than my first computer screen, Sync, voice activted Nav.. Led sequential tailights, rear view camera, 3.73 gears a factory option.


Spoke to one of the Ford guys about the 2010 GT500 - which debuts at the Detroit shoe in January. Apparently, all the money Ford spent on the KR was R&D for the 2010. esentially, the 2010 GT500 will be very KR like.


Oh, and the most impressive thing - the doors closed like a bank vault! You can even fill the gas tank in the 2010. Ford listened to it's customers and came through. Kudos.

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I just got back from the unveiling and it was a great time. I took a great friend of mine's son that is going into the Marines in a couple weeks. He is also getting married in a few months. Since he can't take much stuff with him and seriously needs dollars I know he would sell the special edition for the enveiling 2010 red vert mustang die cast model Ford was giving out. They said they were only available at the unveiling and would not be sold comercially. It was made by Maisto and is 1:18 scale. It comes in a box stating Top Secret until November 18, 2008. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks.

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