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We were just there Friday and really enjoyed ourselves. We especially enjoyed the cafe and all of its little Shelby nicknack's. A definite must do if you're in Las Vegas.


(According to the tour guide, the blue AC is Carroll's first AC which was used as their promotional car back in 1962. It needed to be repainted a different color after every media appearance during the blitz to appear they had more than one car. Also Carroll turned down a $23 million dollar offer for it)

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We have been driving to Vegas at least twice a year for several years now. Two weeks ago on our second trip this year we took our black 07 SGT. The tour was second on my list after the AC Delco Nationals. The tour and museum are awesome :drool: . The tour lasts about 30-45 min depending on how many folks show up. Ours started at 10:30 promptly. We got to SAI about 9:45 and spent about 2 hours there including the museum, tour, gift shop and photographing my car in front of the building. My wife couldn't handle anymore car stuff. I'm still going thru Shelby withdrawal :cry:


The Corner Cafe is in the next building to the south. There are plenty of Shelby items to see and photograph there, too. The food was great and very reasonable. Don't order the club sandwich unless you are really hungary. The thing is a monster! (and very tasty) We actually went back to the cafe on our way home. It is now on our to do list on our next planned trip in early summer or late spring 2009.


Enjoy :happy feet:

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