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We finally made it to the YouTube


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This guy comes up to us last weekend at a show in Clermont, Florida and tells us our car will be on YouTube.

So here it is. Comments welcome but please note that I didn't do the video.

Ask questions and I will reply.







Maybe I should add that you are looking at the lead guitarist for the Lou Gramm Band playing my Shelby Gt#176. He is a good friend and I asked him if he would play it in concert for me. We spent some quality time with Lou and his brothers. You know Lou Gramm from Foreigner. Lou has changed over the years do to some medical issues,but still tours and rocks the Juke Box like a hero.



My sons got to spent a few quiet moments with Lou and that I'm sure it will stay with them forever

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Thats very cool Glenn. Congrats on your car being immortalized in video. Well some what. That guy could use some pointers on using a video camera. Was that Lou Gramm of Foreigner?? If it was, boy he looks different. :headscratch:


Thats why I said I didn't do the Vid. LOL The Shelby is famous now cause Lou Gramm sat in it? LOL And the guitar is Famous cause my friend Don Mancuso played it. Do a google seach on Don Mancuso. He has some great music out with his band. His band is called DDrive.



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For those that are interested in The Lou Gramm Band. Don Mancuso is a friend of mine and played my Shelby Guitar in concert. He told me he was honored to play it. He had no practice prior to entering the stage to play 2 songs for us. I have the vid and will get it posted soon. Since Lou is not feeling 100% lately I would recommend that if these guys come to your town you should go see them.


Thank you,




This is from Don Mancuso's blog. Check him out at his website.


Sorry to bother again so soon after the last update, but I just wanted to pass on the info that the original Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer has passed away this past week. Very sad too considering that he was "the" last member alive. He played on songs that changed the path of rock as we knew it and bled in a kind of funk/jazz..type feel while keeping a groove! Something not many people can do. He was genious and was instrumental in forging the sound that Jimi Hendrix wanted to do. Shame he was treated like the rest of musics best artists and only paid as a hired hand.. Such is life. Great article here and I'm sure there's more out there. Thanks to Norm!!




Hope everyone's well and having fun getting ready for the holidays. As you may, or may not have seen the www.donmancuso site is down for major renovations. When it comes back though it will have "the works"! think of MySpace on sterdoids without the adds and the lag!! Should be cool and when I get some time..lol!@ I will start posting some music that I've been working on that's not for release, but cool stuff none the less. Also some free downloadable stuff! Of course all the thousands of pictures that are now at Image Events I will have posted at the new site. It will have a forum too as some people requested! And I'll keep it going until the first online battle between whoever over whatever. And then.. byeee! We just have to be civil and all will be cool.


And that's it. I'll post the pics of Roc-N-Docs next week. Lots of friends there to meet in person for the first time! Can't wait..


All the best and hope to see you out this month!






-Don Mancuso/The Lou Gramm Band & DDrive




Upcoming Shows for Don Mancuso/The Lou Gramm Band & DDrive

11/15/2008 10:00 PM Mississauga, ON, CA Roc N Docs

11/22/2008 11:00 PM Rochester, NY Little Theatre Cafe

11/29/2008 10:00 PM Rochester, NY Nolas The Velvet Room Rochester,NY

01/10/2009 08:00 PM Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Biloxi

02/27/2009 08:00 PM Montclair, NJ Wellmont Theatre

04/25/2009 08:00 PM Las Vegas, NV Thomas & Mack Center

05/23/2009 08:00 PM Calgary Alberta, AB, CA Deerfoot Inn & Casino

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