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Finally Arrived


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It seems as if I've known these customers for years at how many phone calls I've fielded on ,serial numbers and Arrivals.Well it's nice to see Rod's car here and a convertible arrived with it.It's my first convertible we've recieved.Triple Black stripe delete looks mean with the top down.I thought the spoiler looked bigger but with Rod's hardtop beside it there identical,must be an optical illusion that's created not having the porthole type window.Either car looks great and I have to keep them under lock and key do to popularity.I can't wait to see them all waxed and ready to go,that Grabber Orange should look great with a wax.The convertible goes out Friday and Rod's Saturday.I must say any of you waiting for your ride late or on time or even next year it'll be worth it.I feel it's like winning the lottery just to get one, so good luck to all who have ordered and who are on next years waiting list.I'm starting an 09 Wish list I hope they still produce them,it's already 15 strong.Seeya Saturday Rod and thanks to that U.S. member who helped locate the car, our system is not that sofisticated,greatly appreciated!Scott

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