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my first problem (tractioncontrol) plus this beast is awesome

tiger mark2

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I am now 60 and this is by far the fastest and most enjoyable car I've owned, :bandance: which include a 2001 M3 and a 93 RX7 and a host of stingrays. By the way today it is 40 degrees in Cleveland and the cool weather just makes that much more torque....quite unbelievably.


The problem is upon starting her up the TCS lights goes on indicating the TCS is off(which it is). I can't handle the car w/o the traction control, between wheelhopping and slight swerving when banging into 2nd or 3rd. Also idiot lights appear for the brake fluid low and a general brake light comes on. To my knowledege the only real issue is the TCS. I took it to my garage this morning. I believe it may be sensor but what do I know.

I'm changing oil and putting in a filter while it is in the garage at 1500 miles.


Has anyone had to deal with this???

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Be careful driving in the cold. I recall seeing something in the Shelby supplement to the manual which indicated the stock tires are not meant for driving in temps below 40. Apparently, the rubber compound hardens up and you will loose traction. I'm sure there are others on this site far more knowledgeable than me who can elaborate further.

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