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She's home!


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Well the snow is coming tonight. Hopefully they won't salt the roads so I can get another 2 weeks out of her.


As you guys know, I had cancelled my order cause I didn't want to wait till Xmas. The salesguy called me 2 days ago and said they didn't cancel it cause they knew it would sell anyway but they gave me first crack.


My wife was a little annoyed, but once she drove it she was onboard.


My first impressions ... The inside "feels" just like my father in law's '83. Not alot of bells and whistles, just "raw" , and I like it that way.


I suck at shifting a manual tranny. I'll probably be replacing the clutch within 6000 miles. But man it's fun.


My only minor gripe is the cupholders. It's awkward to shift with a water bottle in them cause it's right in the way. It's a minor annoyance, and definitely takes nothing away from the experience.


I love the power jack and aux input inside the center console. I have a sirius radio that I can now move between cars.


The sound is intoxicating. I'd read posts from guys saying "you dont need a radio cause you'll be listening to the sound of the exhaust" and thought they were nuts. I now understand. :)


My daughter (16 mos old) sat in the front seat and wouldn't move till I shut both doors and she got to play with the steering wheel. My wife grew up with Mustangs so she'll probably drive it more than I do since I work from home.


I ordered it on Jun 5 (daughter's first bday) and took deliver Oct 12. My dealer let me put 50 miles on it yesterday afternoon and I hadn't put any cash out for it yet. I got another 40 miles on it today after I officially owned it.


All I want is ONE day of 60 degrees so I can put the top down without getting frostbite. :)

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I like the Blue with the black vert top. It goes good together. You are right about the sound. It is a blast to go thru the gears. I am sure you will get the hang of the shifting :shift: very soon. Practice. Your daughter is a cutie.

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Beautiful car, and a beautiful little lady in the driver's seat. It's just been too many years since my boys (17 and 21) have been at that cute stage. :hysterical:


I have taken a couple of GTs out for test drives recently, and the clutch is easy to get used to, just give it a little time. I don't think I had driven a manual since I sold my supra in 1994, so I was out of practice also. I think the main mistake people make is trying to be too easy with the clutch. Once you get past that, the timing is pretty easy.



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