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GT500 Warranty & Maintenance guides


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Rob, thanks so much.


I remember the chat we had some time ago about the clutch and tranny and all the stuff you sent me, but as faint had it...a brand new laptop bit the dust just after I got it...and so went the TSBs and stuff...I understand SS got the TSB in a roundabout way from you. Thx so much.


Take care,



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I wanted to ask if you did your own oil changes say every 3,000 miles etc but didn't get the dealership to do it and just did them yourself and kept all the receipts would that void the 3 year factory warranty (I have a 2009 that I got 16 months ago). Or would the dealerships say we think you screwed up your oil change and that's why this or that happened etc. I have heard of guys taking the filter off and a portion of the rubber or cork seal came off the filter and stuck to the engine block so the new filter had a leak due to a incomplete seal. Any thoughts

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