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what is this?


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what is this? this is gotta be a joke right.




Shelby 2007 GT500 Super Shark convertible, 605 hp, 46 test miles only, black/red and black interior, #42 of less than 100 made, rare car, $450,000. More information, 405-567-0060 or 405-567-5098 cell, OK. $450,000

No joke. It's the rare amphibious Shelby. Most of them are under the Pacific right now. I guess that's why you've never seen one.

That price tag is, however, definitely a joke.

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The ONLY thing about this ad that upsets me is that it is from my home state :doh::banghead::banghead::banghead:



Otherwise it would be HILARIOUS :hysterical:


might be worth a call to see where he sold the first 41 cars at that price, and if you can pre-order #43 in two tone great white with alloy stripes ...

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Clearly, the seller has a anal-cranial inverison:




"Super Shark". What a jackass.


$450,000?? An even bigger jackass.


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I think he just made a typo mistake clearly from the lines of the car it is obviously the Super Salamander model.



Good one!

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