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Super Snake S/N For Sale CSM07SS0214


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I'm selling my S/N CSM#07SS0214 For my 2007 GT500 which was made in December of 2007, we want to get back our $10,000.00 for the down payment we made. We were told by Selby to list it here ,we are close having are car called to Shelby for the upgrade. Are order had the 725HP, ploished turbo and window scoops. We are also willing to sell our 2007 GT500 with 700 miles on it for a resonable cost. By buying out our S/N this moves you up in the waiting list alot. I have all the paper work from Shelby and you can call me with any qustions. or email me at dsalentine@aol.com


The spot has been sold !!!!!!!!!!!




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