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Gateway (CO) Car Museum


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Briefly, this was put together by John Hendricks (Discovery Channels). We left at about 3:00 and rolled in to the hotel at 8:30 (useful info for planning a Colorado Breakfast Club weekend next summer.)


The trip was uneventful and I was going to post some stuff tomorrow night after we do the tour but there was something here that got my attention so I'm burning some midnight oil.


Here's some pictures of the start of the journey:



First, the weather isn't great here. When we left home it was 47. When we got go Glenwood Springs it was in the 60's and at the lodge it was 72, and it is dark. Saturday is supposed to be cooler with a chance of showers. We are going to Durango and then back via Wolf Creek Pass and the San Luis Valley, where it is supposed to snow. So I couldn't Drive the Shelby but I could take it with me:




Ha ha!


Vail has more cranes than trees:



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Now for the surprise at the lodge. We pulled in looking for the desk (things aren't well marked) and we drove by these:


















Two Ford GTs, Two Z06s (I think, it's too dark), a Ferrari and two ?? (Aston Martin?)


I was impressed. After we checked in one of the people were explaining that they are owned by the hotel and part of a package that (for $20K a year) lets them drive the canyons around here. They must terrorize all the wildlife with these.


More tomorrow from the museum!

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This is where we are:






And this is the cars in the daylight. Total census: Two Ford GTs, two Ferraris and two Aston Martins. Two of the guys have locked onto the GTs, one said he drove the GT and will drive the Ferrari (silver, automatic with paddle shifters) for the rest of the week. He said having the automatic on an unfamiliar car with that kind of power is easier to drive.




Close up of the Ford GT: Gotta love a car that you can reach behind and touch the supercharger while you're driving.





I went out at 9:00 and they were just leaving but haven't had time to process the pics. More tonight.

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Here's two preview pictures of the Gateway Museum. This Olds 88 is their pride and joy:






The fellow giving us the tour described it as an Oldsmobile version of the Corvette, and when the 'Vette wasn't selling well they decided not to productize the 88. This one of a kind was purchased by Hendricks at the Barrett Jackson auction a few years ago. I wish he'd gotten the Supersnake.


Here's some pictures of the Strater Hotel. It is supposed to be haunted. As I was taking the pictures on the street two people told me that. I still don't know the story. I'll inquire at the front desk and probably get a third generation copy of a mimeographed sheet from 1960 that explains the story. Durango is a really nice town with lots to do and good eats:


1. The outside of the hotel. I had to wait for traffic to be away from all 4 intersections. ISO6400 no flash.




2. Inside the old bar. There was a guy playing piano dressed up in 1880's garb, and only a single cocktail waitress. She was really stressed but had a good sense of humor. This is another ISO6400 shot. Not color corrected but I'm not sure I would want to.




They're going to let me in the bar to take more pictures this morning. There are some stunning architectural details but in some people get all stressed about cameras in bars.

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