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How many horses can you cram in a GT500???


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I think JetSolver posted the same thing over the weekend. I'm still having a hard time believing this to be true. Does anyone remember the post in which CS stated that this car will pump out 700 HP with just a pulley swap? He may have been telling the truth.


More and more I think my sig is becoming reality..

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Talked to my friend at Pauls High Performance and 700 hp at the crank is very feasable with minor bolt ons, intake, pulley etc.. The exhaust should be better then the GT one. But I don't think you can get away with just $1000 in parts.

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475hp sounds incredible to me, a real performer that I can drive to work and around town.


But, what your talking about sounds like a bucking bull with rabies.


I have trouble seeing that car as being drivable on the streets.


I can't wait to hit the track to feel the power of this car, but AS IT IS I will never touch the limit of it's power, so spending more money to add on power I would likely never practically even see seems like a waste.


Just talking about me. If that's where people want to go, it sure sounds ike this car will be easily adapted.

And will be a great car that will undoughtedly outperform anything the competition will put out, like the Camaro, Challenger, etc.




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