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Morpace/SVT survey


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The Morpace (4 page, 29 questions) survey in partnership with FOMOCO asks about various gt500 vehicle uses such as how hard do you accelerate, brake, how many rough roads, dirt roads do you drive on, etc.


"As a member of the Council of American Survey research Organizations (casro), Morpace ensures your answers to all questions will always remain confidential."


em.... sure!


What do you think? Thanks.


prost!, jonethan




2007 gt500 white/Red Stripe, # 53. Many thanks to the Engine builders too.


Factory stock, no issues. 1,500 miles.

Always have fresh coolant & 5-50 Motorcraft inside.. Brake/clutch fluid replaced with ATe Superblue.

Removed 12 volt subwoof for almost 100 lbs weight reduction. (I have way-better audio in my mastering studio)


4 new GoodYear Asymmetric (Y-rated) f-1 tires at 1,000 mi.

[was going to purchase Michelin PS2's, like I have on my bmw M3 csL (LTW)]


WOW! - vastly improved performance, ride, cg, handling. Perfect, actually ideal.


The OEM supercar tires blow!

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