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2008 GT500 Clutch & Rear End Issues 2800 miles


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Hi Everyone,


I haved owned a Mustang shop for 16 years and modify them for customers everyday, and have NEVER had so many problems with a car as I have this one( March 11th, 2008 build date 08 Vapor Coupe) in such a short time. Even with the 99 Cobras not making the power (I owned two) the 03 with the head tick (owned 3, 2 of which had the problem, 1 I still own) and having 18 Mustangs in my personal collection and having owned 100's if not thousands of Mustangs over the years that I have bought and sold, never as many problems as this car!! My first GT 500 was a April 06 build date Torch red coupe...drove the car hard, made 560 rwhp on CA 91 octane with no problems but the clutch (before the TSB was issued, obviously, so at 38K miles after warranty I replaced the clutch with a Spec set up...when I sold the car this past June, the car had 74K on it and still looked and drived great!! I have been reading this forum for months and wish I never sold my 07 to buy this Vapor 08. From what Grabber has said and others, we all know these clutches are an issue...took mine to Fiesta Ford at 400 miles with a rear end howl (loud) and complained about the clutch chatter and they told me there was no problem...finally at 1900 miles they agreed the rear was howling, so they agreed to replace the ring and pinion (not the whole rear) and replace the clutch packs in the rear ( I now wonder if they used the proper clutch packs for GT500 after reading the posts on this!!) Still have the rear end howl when I let off the gas. The trans fails both Grabber's tests, I showed the TSB to Fiesta Ford's tech and the said they would order the parts as I didn't want to leave the car there while waiting, and still nothing (3 WEEKS LATER)...cant even get a call back..this car has 2800 miles on it and the clutch is shot and flywheel is warped, my stock heat exchanger leaked so I replaced it with an AFCO, the power steering leaked so I replaced a line, ...car hasn't been driven hard, never to the track, and I bought it new, and is a piss off to drive..I don't see how these dealerships continue to stay in business when they can't seem to get things fixed after being in 3X in 2800 miles. My Brembo brakes also groan terribly, the trans is awful, the parking brake button vibrates, and the two leaks I just fixed myself as they were simple...seem like I just got a bad one this time!!

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Sorry to hear you've had such trouble....my Alloy GT500 was built March 12, the day right after yours, and I've not had a single problem you've mentioned. I think you truly got a lemon, and are justifiably upset. I would trade it for a 2009.....I'm sure Micheal Morris or Shelby Dude could help you locate a better car.



Or better year, just wait for the 2010s....I like what I see! :happy feet:



Or, you could by my car from me....it's for sale.....see my post in the for sale section. :lurk:



Good luck to you!



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Buy a Sept 08 build. You'll be happy. :)


Welcome to the site and I'm sorry you have had such bad luck.



Thank Grabber...your posts are always a great help...I printed your clutch test and hand them out at my shop to anyone with 07-08 trans issues!! Its amazing what a hassle it has been down here in CA to get these parts!!

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