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Sequential tail lights installed

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Just got it in late this afternoon and I had to put them in right away. Roger, thanks for the tip about removing the Shaker 1000 box, it helps with getting your hands back there. Damn, i didn't know that box is so heavy!!

Got them from American Muscle pretty fast and with great instructions, dummny proof for me :happy feet:

Here are some pics, sorry about the low quality video, low lighting and it was dark outside, I'll get better ones tomorrow.



Remove the box



Pop the rivets from the plastic guard to get to the screws for the light. Use a flat head.







This one was a :censored: to get off but I did not want to remove the bracket that holds the Shaker so I just used pliers. It made it easier than to take off the bracket.



Just switch the bulbs...

Easy instructions for a dummy like me so I don't jack it up. All bulb harness has a # on them to stay in order.




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Very nice FordRocks1. I will be getting the sequential tail lights as soon as I get back to the states. I plan on ordering the set offered from Shelby Performance Parts. I saw a video of one of the first Super Snakes, maybe the red prototype, being loaded on a auto hauler truck and every time the driver hit the brakes the lights would do that thing from the inside out and it looked great. That's what I want - coming from Shelby, supporting the SPP store all I can. :)

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Thats one of the first mods i made to my car ..... they are really cool but you forget they are there because you never get to see them !


Great video clip !

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