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last person to rent 07 csm346


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hello all,


i live in casselberry fl. on semptember 27, 2008 i married the woman of my dreams. as part of our wedding, i wanted to rent an 07 gth convertible to drive off from our reception in. upon trying to book one a few months ago, i noticed that hertz was no longer advertising them

on their website. i made a couple of phone calls, sill none in the orlando area for the weekend of our wedding.

we had some friends in town, and on that thursay, 9-25, i called hertz and tried to rent one, again, with no luck.

well, as a surprise my better half called the hertz location at the orlando airport and spoke with a manager some time ago. it turned out that

they had two left on the lot, which were sitting in the back waiting to go off to auction, not for rent. she explained what we wanted to use the car for and they let her rent one of them for our wedding weeken. well, to my surprise, there was a gth convertible waiting in my garage when i returned home from running some errands that friday morning (9/26). i'm sure the look on my face was priceless. i had the car from 9-26 - 9-28 and had a blast driving the car around town with the top down. so, to my knowledge i was the last person to rent 07 gth convertible csm#346.

it was supposed to go to auction either oct 1st or 2nd. just thought that i would share the story with other mustang fans.


i'm going to double check the csm#, i broke our camera on our honey moon and the professional pics taken with the car at our wedding

don't show the csm#. if it's different than 346, i'll post it on this thread.

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