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New pony home!


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Your fun factor just increased 100 percent.


Good point plus, I gotta be one of the last regulars on the forum (ie more then 10 posts) to upgrade.


I think there is one person left....where has Capt. Dave gone???


Now the big question, can I save my pennies to drive/ship to LV in January.

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Nice car! Nice yard, I bet you don't own a lawnmower? :D



Nope - the land of colored rocks! Much like my pets (screen saver fish on my PC) it's low maintenance.


BJShelby - Don't worry I still have my Cali special convertible right now.


I'm tryng to be more like grabber (Cali/gt500 combo) but, it's hard to keep up! :hysterical::hysterical:

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I have a new pony in the corral, well...a Snake actually. LOL.


Thanks to "MM" or Michael Morris here on the forums for a VERY nice 07 GT500.


A nice warm day here in AZ ...where did I put my keys!!! :happy feet: :happy feet:

I don't like white.





I'm an ass...





Very nice!

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