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Speedo Reads 10 MPH high.

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I just wanted give a heads up to anybody that has a speedo problem like mine had (10MPH high).


I bought my wife's 07SGT almost one year ago. After delivery, I found that the speedo was reading 10 MPH high at freeway speeds.


Needless to say, I took it back to the dealer and they were clueless (they said 10MPH is within tolerance).


I called Shelby and they told me the computer needed burned with the correct info. They said it was a Ford program and the dealer could download it and re-burn it.


Back to the dealer. Deer in the headlights look. They said they'd check into it. I haven't heard from them since.


Went to a different dealer that deals with Ford Racing Parts and has experience with Saleen, Steeda, etc.


They said they could handle it as long as I could find out what the parameters were supposed to be set at (they've had issues re-burning without the correct parameters on Saleen, Rousch).


I called Ford Racing, since they own the program. Explained my problem. They asked me to provide all of my vehicle info and any mods (none) to them via e-mail. Did that.


I was suprised to recieve in the mail a Pro-Cal tuner set to my specific vehicle and serial number.


Went back to the 2nd dealer. Gave him the tuner w/intructions.


Less than an hour later. I got the car back, no problem. They did have an issue as to who was going to pay for the warranty work (Ford or Shelby). Since I did all the legwork myself and they couldn't pin down who's should pay, the dealer said he would just write it off.


The speedo is now "on the money".


So, the moral of this story is that if you have a similar problem. Don't accept the "it's within tolerance" answer. Go to a Ford Racing Parts dealer and have them contact Ford directly. That way you don't have to jump through hoops like me, and the dealer gets paid.


:happy feet:

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My speedo read about 6 mph too high after I installed my first Bamachips custom tune. Turned out he sent me a tune for the wrong rear axle ratio. They sent me an updated tune and all was fine.



lol thats weird i was thinking mine seemed slow but maybe the ford tune was fast and my bama tune is right.

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I have a Garmin GPS and a ScanGuage II installed, and the GPS reports a 2 MPH lower difference across the spectrum. Is the GPS more accurate, or is my OBDII port more accurate? The factory speed is way off, maybe 5 MPH or more, so, I don't trust it.

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