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I'd Like Your Opinion


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Hi Folks, I'm considering a few things and I'd like your opinion.


First off, the only exterior mods I've done are wheels & tires, a shorty antenna and clear turn signal lights up front. I like the clean look of my car but there are a couple of things I'm going to be doing. The first is tinting the rear side windows and rear window. Knowing this I'm also considering installing the black Shelby rear side window covers and the black GT500 fuel door, I think they go nice with each other.


So what do you all think, just tint (which will happen for sure) and add the exterior window covers and fuel door, or leave the covers and fuel door out of the mix?





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Of course it all boils down to personal taste and opinion, but IMO, if you want your car to look more "technicial", more "race" if you will, then yes add the panels and the fuel door to it.


If you desire to keep your car with more of a pro-touring car look to it, then I would say pass on those two mods.


But having said all that, even though your car looks terrific as it is right now, considering the wheels and red brake calpiers that are already on it, I would go ahead and put the panels and the fuel door on the car.

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I would do it, except the rivet look would be a deal breaker. Unless you paint them. Ditto on the bolts for the gas cap.


SteelSteeds beat me to it: I really like the look of the Silverhorse Racing louvers, much more than the black-out panel...

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