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Not happy with Americamuscle.com


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I just wanted to share my experience with you about Americanmuscle.com and why I will not use them again. I'm not going to get on a soap box here but I was very unhappy to find out I couldn't return a part that was installed simply because they couldn't resell it. I feel that if they sale a part that doesn't fit correctly and if you search on here you can see a number of others that have had the same problem (so it's not just me).


Given the fact Ryan with Americanmuscle.com didn't even know about teamshelby.com should tell you something?


Here's the thread if you're interested.



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What a drag. :huh:


Since you are stuck with them, maybe you could go to a muflershop and have them do the installation since you will need some cutting and welding. Ask them if they can do the cutting and welfing on the muffler pipes and not your factory pipes.


Not many options except that.

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Good point, before I take them off I will try and find a muffler shop to see if the hangers can be adjusted? Also I read you about not messing with the stock pipes and just moding the after market deletes.


As for store credit, they told me that they could send another set if I felt like my set was damaged. My thought is why would another set fit any differently... the last guy in the other thread had already tried that. Wish I would have seen his post before ordering as I would had picked the SLP or something different.


Here's what I think Americanmuscle.com problem is... they drop ship form Pypes. If they have me return the product they will eat the cost. If they say it's defected then Pypes will handle the RMA. The problem is the product its self is junk and Americanmuscle will not go to bat for me with Pypes.


If you look on their site you will see more Pypes products then any others... so with that said I wish they would had worked with me more. I would had bought the Bora system which is twice as much.



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