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4 Car dealers go under by me.

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4 dealers in my area have closed their doors in the last few days. 1.Gmc/Bucik,2. Chevy,3. Dodge/ Chrysler, and 4.Saturn. Ford is in big trouble and I don't think that they are part of the 700 billion plan. FFRP could go by the way side. Ford needs money to create new products that create good margins but not much volume. It works well when they are selling cars in volume but that is not the case. One dealer by me said he used to sell about 200 units a month now he is selling 65. He needs to cut his sales force in half. The last quarter of the year is not great for car sales to begin with, It could turn into a nightmare. Shelby should be very worried at this point and be making products that people want in good volumes with fair pricing in order to keep their doors open. KRs are just sitting on show room floors right now. Lets hope that all pull through these tougher times.

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