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Terlingua Photos


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Did you and your Shelby possie blow the carbon out of that Terlingua yet? Theres another event at VIR in November. Come on out and lets do it again.




No we are planning for Sema in November and also planning for the CS86 event that will be a great event this year.

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I appreciate seeing your photos, Sharon. Thank you for the opportunities.


There's just one of mine ready for viewing. We just got home a few hours ago, and I'm not much of a computer (or any other kind, any more) road warrior, so I've only begun looking at the photos I made. This one is what the pros I was working around call "the money shot". Or at least as close as I could get to what I think they mean by that:



If I ever figure out how to do the "attached thumbnails" reduced-size links, that would be a neater way to view them. It'll take a while to get through the thousand or so exposures. Plenty of atmospherics and scene-setters for those who weren't lucky enough to attend.


Gee, it was fun!

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