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Race ready Mustangs at Miller Motorsports Park

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Good news for race fans: Ford Racing has entered a relationship with Miller Motorsports Park (MMP) and its High Performance Driving School to equip the facility’s fleet of Mustangs with high-performance, go-fast-right-now race parts. The Ford Racing Performance Parts add-ons convert the school’s Mustangs into race-prepped thoroughbreds. Better yet, the parts on MMP’s Club Racer cars are available to any Mustang owner from the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog at any Ford dealership.



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Kinda cool, but how much does it cost to ship a GT500 to Utah and back from the east coast? :hysterical:


Leave the car home, take the driving school and beg them to let you drive one of the few Boy Racer (FR500) or if you are really good they may even let you take one of the few GT around the track.

Just a thought.

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